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Cancellation/Postponement/Transfer Form

If transferring booking please enter details of person you are transferring to.

The booking must be for the same date.  Deposits aren't refunded, they are only transferred to the new client.  Please note 'Transferee' will be required to complete a new booking form also.

Cancellation takes effect from time this form is submitted.

If you are postponing or transferring booking please submit form and we will confirm new date as soon as possible.

Please note we strictly enforce this policy.

Standard Cancellation Policy - If you cancel your booking greater than 28 days (or on the 28th day) prior to the event, your event will be refunded LESS the deposit- no exceptions. We refund within 28 days of cancellation directly into your bank account. All cancellations must be in writing via email.  If you cancel your booking less than 27 days (including on the 27th day) prior to the event, then no monies will be refunded - no exceptions.


We as all venues (even though we are mobile, still have overheads, bills, permanent staff wages etc to pay and when you cancel your event these bills still exist and have to be paid, and by cancelling your tower/event we could have booked it with someone else. When you pay your deposit/payment this signifies that you agree to our operational policies (including the cancellation policy) and the booking form terms and conditions.

Pandemic Policy - During pandemic lockdown at any given time where Cocktail Queen is inoperable due to lockdown measures, please note cancellations are allowed however monies are not refunded until 48 days post lockdown release for our industry (being at home catered events). Should you wish to cancel during a pandemic we still retain the deposit. You can reschedule your event at any time for any date.


​If you are cancelling your event because of a decline in attendance due to attendees having covid please note the standard cancellation policy applies (not the pandemic policy). We do allow events to be moved to another date (postponed) should this be the circumstance. Please note also we do not refund for non-attendees no matter what the circumstance of them not attending, once final payment has been made.


Thankyou for submitting. We will be in touch via email shortly.​​

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